Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tuesday Tutorial with Vicky of Paintspots-n-Splinters

This is a Tutorial for my Snow Folk. I'm sure you've seen similar patterns around. I've drawn these up myself to share with you. Feel free to use them as you wish. The patterns are available for download at the bottom of this page.
YOU WILL NEED: Fleece material, Warm and Natural Batting, etc. (I used a mattress cover for my snowmen. I buy one of the cheap pads from Walmart instead of the material from the fabric store as it's less expensive).
Beads for eyes
Jingle Bells
old Socks
homespun and/or seasonal fabric
red and black felt
black and ecru crochet thread
cinnamon sticks
My patterns include seam allowance. Cut 2 pieces for each pattern from your material.
Sew up the sides all the way around 1/4" from the edge.
Slit the back at the neck line for stuffing and turn them right side out.
Pour 2 cups of rice for the larger pieces, 1 cup for mid size, and 1/2-3/4 cup for small snow folk.
Finish stuffing with fiber fill and stitch the opening closed.
Now comes the fun part! I didn't Prim these but if you want to go that route then NOW would be the time to spray them down. Let them bake in the sun or put in a warm oven until dry.
Let's make the faces! I brushed on some blush from my make up stash and then got to work on the sewing! I used black crochet thread and some black beads (small for the little ones and large for the larger dolls....sorry, can't remember the sizes).
I went though the neck and/or the heads depending on who was getting a hat.

I stitched on eyebrows and the mouths then glued on the cinnamon sticks for their noses.
Next comes the neck scarf and buttons.

The hats are made from felt, old socks, knit material. I've included the pattern below for both the triangle 'Santa' hat and the Stove hat. Socks are super easy as all you do is cut the sock before the heel and tie it in a knot.
Stove Hat. Cut out the brim (1 piece) and the hat part (2 pieces).
Sew it up, turn it and stuff. 
Apply a little hot glue to the inside edge of hat and place down on the brim piece. Add a bit of homespun for a hat band and a sprig of artificial holly leaves for added embellishment.
The triangle hat is super simple. Cut the one piece from knit or felt. 
Sew up the sides and turn. Add a little fur if you want! The striped piece was a sock!
No need to stuff it. Glue to the heads of your Snow Folk.These guys, my Half Snow Folk, don't have a mouth but they are made the same way as the other Snow Folk.
Pattern is also at the bottom of page for these guys.
My Snow Buds have a small wooden plug instead of a cinnamon stick for their noses. 
They are SNOW Cute! 
Jingle bells are added with a rusted safety pin! LOVE IT!!

Thanks Vicky for sharing this fun tutorial!
Vicky can be found here:


DogsMom said...

They are wonderful!
Thank you for generously sharing.

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Tooooooo cute!!! Thanks for sharing your talent!


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Thanks for the great tute! Hugs, Valerie