Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tuesday Tutorial with Vicky from Paintspots-n-Splinters

My whimsical Folk Art Chickens!
I actually drew up this pattern months ago and set it aside.

I'm going to share my pattern with you....and give you a 'walk through' as to how I made them.

Hope you can read the pattern. Just click on it and print.
1.Cut 2 pieces out of cotton fabrics for body. Seam allowance is already added. Leave the bottom open for stuffing. 
2. Glue onto bobbin and wrap with sisal or jute around the bottom. Add spots of white craft glue or Hot glue; I used hot glue.
3. Paint the beak area Antique Gold (acrylic paint).
4. Cut out the heart from material of your choice. I used red felt on one and denim from an old pair of jeans on the other 2. Sew with large hand stitches and then glue to the body.
5. Tear strips of fabrics, pieces of raffia, jute, sisal, other fibers. Gather them in your hand and tie in a simple knot. Glue to the tip of the point on his rear. Leave different lengths and widths but not too many. You don't want him to fall over.

6. Now make some smaller strips for his funny little hair do. Hot glue it to the top. OR, cut out the comb from some red felt and hand stitch it. Leave it open at the bottom and glue to the head.
7. I added a strip of homespun at his neck with a spot of glue.
8. Also added a rusty safety pin with a rusted jingle bell.
I had a blast making these. Hope you do, too!
Thanks Vicky for this fun tutorial.
Vicky can be found here:

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