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An OFG Spring Time Team Story

“Once there lived a bunny couple named Lilly Mae and Benny .
  They were ready for a change. They wanted to find fun, unique, and interesting items not only to decorate their bunny home but to share their findings with all their friends this Easter Season. 

They had heard of a wonderful team on Etsy called the Old Farmhouse Gathering Team. This team was known for exactly what they were looking for; handmade, hand crafted, unique, and one of a kind items. Off they hopped looking for some wonderful finds….”

Lilly Mae and Benny came across Ilene's shop
 at the Old Farmhouse Gathering Team.
The store was filled with items for every occasion! There were spring colors of pink and green and pastel stripes. Lilly Mae 'ooohed and awwwwwed' over the Spring Napkin set. "Benny Bunny honey!" she exclaimed, " This would look FABulous on our Easter Table!" Benny agreed and so they made their first purchase.
Then Benny looked over to the living room. "We definitely need something in here, and I know just the place!" They hopped on in to Deb's cute little shop,,  and found such a wonderful assortment of folk art with such a prim flair. "Look what I found, Lilly Mae!" and with that Benny presented her with this
"Oh my, Benny! This cute little love Bunny looks just like you! It's perfect!"

Lilly Mae then said to Benny "You know what we need is some new curtains for the kitchen, do you have any idea where we might find some?" Benny thought for a minute and then said "I remember seeing a really cute kitchen valance in Colleen's shop,,  let's go take a look". Off they hopped to Colleen's shop and when Lilly Mae saw the valance 
she said "Benny, it's perfect, what a great choice!"

So then they started to think of what other places in their home that needed a little something special added to it. Lilly Mae said "dear you know that wall over by the front door? It needs something really nice to fill that space" Then they saw the Farmers Attic shop at and said "oh look at all the wonderful items in that shop! Let's go in and look". As they entered the shop right there on the wall was a beautiful quilt that would fit that space perfectly! 
So they hopped right over to it and purchased it.

As Lilly Mae and Benny were hopping from shop to shop they came across the Holly Ridge Creations shop at
"Oooh look Benny - Judy has the most wonderful Easter Egg painted vintage dish!!! Wouldn't that look just perfect on display?"
"Lilly Mae, you're right. Let's hop right on into Holly Ridge Creations and snatch up the perfect find!"
Lilly Mae and Benny are now the proud owners of Holly Ridge Creations Vintage Easter Egg plate!

This journey through the Old Farmhouse Gathering is so much fun, Lily Mae and Benny had never dreamed the Farmhouse was filled with so many things and they had only just begun their journey. They had been looking for things to fill their home with beauty and were finding just what they wanted. 
But, then to their amazement, they were looking into the Motherlode Toad Factory and couldn't believe their eyes. You see, they had been talking about starting a family for awhile now and here at was the family they had been dreaming of!
Now, besides looking for things to decorate their home, they can look for things for their babies!! 

Lilly Mae had a HUGE surprise for Benny. Over a fabulous dinner of Carrot Casserole and a dessert of Carrot Cake , she gently told him "Benny we're having 12 Babies! They are cheeper by the dozen you know!" Benny choked on his carrot cake and said "I am amazed and excited!" Lilly Mae said: "Now, Benny don't get your knickers in a knot!
We'll need lots of baby blankets and I just saw these over at the greatest shop, Twisted Knickers on Etsy."
Oh dear oh dear, this was all a bit much for Benny, he needed an after dinner hop. Off he went fidgeting and twitching with much on his mind. “What’s wrong Benny?” chirped Tiny Sparrow. “Well,” said Benny, “I’m going to be a new Dad and Lilly Mae will take care of all that… but I haven’t gotten Lilly Mae a birthday present yet and I mustn't forget.” “Benny come to my nest, I have just the thing for Lilly Mae , tweeted Tiny Sparrow.
Tiny Sparrow had beautiful handmade broaches, perfect for a coat, a hat or a purse. 
“Don’t worry Benny I’ll wrap it up and mail it to you, it will be a great surprise for Lilly Mae ” sang Tiny Sparrow. Oh this online shopping is fun thought Benny, and he hopped happily home.

Benny arrived back at the cozy burrow and found Lilly Mae with her feet up but she was tossing and turning as she just couldn't get comfortable.  He didn't tell her about the brooch (or broach - Benny was sure either spelling was fine!) as he wanted it to be a surprise.
"Oh Benny" said Lilly Mae " I really can't seem to get any proper rest, these 12 little bunnies sure make it hard to sleep"
Benny thought for a few minutes and then said "Lilly Mae, what you need is a proper hand made pillow and I am sure I saw one in the Primitive Hart shop.

Sure enough when Benny went along to the shop there was a great pillow - just right for Lilly Mae AND it was on sale which pleased Benny no end as he would have watch the pennies with lots more mouths to feed in the not too distant future!
Over Sunday dinner Benny and Lilly Mae worried and worried! "How will we take care of all our little ones?" cried Lilly Mae  Their carrot and cabbage meal cooled. Then Benny came up with the best idea any bunny ever had! "Let's hire a Nanny, Lilly Mae! She will need to be kind, loving and want to live with us in our cozy cottage. I know exactly where to look! A few days ago as I traveled through all the wonderful shops of Old Farmhouse Gathering team I visited and saw the most wonderful bunny and I am sure Lil' Bunny will be perfect for us!
Well, when Benny and Lilly Mae asked Lil' Bunny to be their nanny she realized that with all those bunny babies to take care of she was going to need some way of keeping them quiet. 
So she searched through the OFG Team and found the cutest Pigs at and ding, dong, the lights went on! These adorable pigs would be perfect to use to tell the story of the Three Little Pigs to these little ones. This should keep them quiet for a little while.
Excitement is building in the bunny home as the exciting day draws closer. The home is looking beautiful, there are plans to entertain the babies, and Lilly Mae has some wonderful new gifts. Lilly Mae is soooo happy she found the Old Farmhouse Gathering Shops! 

One afternoon Lilly Mae and Benny were trying to figure out how they were going to share the news of their new blessings with 1200 of their closest friends and family. Lilly Mae, being a little on the crafty side herself, beamed and said "I know how!" and scurries off to Mary's Montage at She picks out some adorable card making sheets so she can make as many announcements as she needs! And while she was there, she picked out some scrap booking sheets to make some memory pages of her babies as they grow. 
Being the smart little bunny she is, Lilly Mae gets busy working on those announcements right away!

Just as the spring flowers were beginning to bloom, the BIG day arrived. Benny & Lilly Mae were blessed with one dozen precious baby bunnies! It was a happy day in the rabbit hole! Lilly Mae added the birth details to the announcements & Benny rushed them over to the post office. Soon all their 1200 friends would get news ! And soon all those 1200 friends would be dropping by to see the bunnies!
"Hmmmm", thought Benny "How ever will I afford to pay for refreshments for all these visitors? They will drink us out of house & hole! " Suddenly he remembered something he had seen at the Old Farmhouse Gathering! " Yes, that will do the trick! " chuckled Benny. He hopped online and clicked on RaggedyJan's shop
There was the solution! A Folk Art Sign He would hang it in the kitchen....And he would charge 5 cents for each glass of carrot juice he served. !! 

Just as the sun came up there was a knock at the door..who could possibly be arriving this early Lilly Mae wondered. 
Benny hopped over and peek out the small window...there stood Granny Cottontail peeking right back at him over her wire glasses...He could barely get the door open when she tossed a package to Lilly Mae and hopped right over to the babies....(You know how Grannys can not wait to hug those babies)

Benny and Lilly Mae tore into the package. They were both so touched by the beautiful Tote Bag that Granny found at NeedlesnPinsStichery.
Wise old Granny knew the wonderful craftsmanship could withstand all the abuse from 12 kicking little babies and later Lilly Mae could use if for her shopping trips to the Farmers Market..and with 12 little mouths to feed there will be many trips to the market.

The days went by and Benny and Lilly May were so busy taking care of their little brood of bunnies.
Benny was working hard at the carrot patch and Lilly May was busy with the bunnies. 
One day Benny came home to Lilly May sitting in the chair all tired out. Benny could see that she needed a little time away from all the bunnies. He asked Lilly May if she would like to go out for a date to the Hippity Hoppity Dance. She said she would love to, but they need to find a babysitter. Benny thought and thought and remembered that had some wonderful Grandmother bunnies that they could hire to babysit for them.
So Benny went to Patchwork Friends and asked the wonderful Grandma bunny to come babysit for them and she said she would love too. So Benny and Lilly May had a night out on the town!

Lilly Mae and Benny called Grandma bunny to check in before they went into the movie theater. "Everything is great!' Grandma bunny replied. "Remember my friend Francesca, you met her at my birthday party last week. She is from that cute shop, down on Cabbage Patch Lane and loves to read to babies". And just as she said that, the doorbell rang and there was Francesca with her bag full of story books.
It is good to see you Grandma bunny, now where are all those precious little bunny babies!

Lilly Mae and Benny were so happy to meet Francesca, they knew that their little babies would be in good hands after all Francesca took care of children for over 23 years and knew how to read books, play games and sing songs. She had the bunnies all get into a circle for "Circle Time". How about a game of Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, oh the fun they were all having, making memories too......Francesca brought along a book full of really good songs that she found in this wonderful store in Cabbage Patch Lane called We should learn this song so we are all ready for Sunday Church.
The little ones all started hopping up and down with joy to learn a new song. The little bunnies will never forget their time with Francesca.

Finally, after Lilly Mae was satisfied everything was okay at home, she and Benny headed on into the theater. They grabbed a bag of candied carrot chips and a dewdrop slushy and settled in to enjoy the movie. But, since this was the first time they had been away from their little hoppers, Lilly Mae just could not get them off her mind. As soon as they were outside the theater, she made another call and was told all was well at home. Although, Francesca did sound a bit hoarse! And, just cause they just knew their little ones had been perfect angels, they decided to make a stop at The Farmhouse and to find something special for them. There are so many wonderful shops at they Farmhouse and they found just what they were looking for at PaxtonValleyFolkArt
The babies were all tucked in and fast asleep when they got home. Even Granny Bunny and Francesca had dozed off. They decided not to wake any of them up. They would wait until morning to see what the little ones would do when they see their gifts..........

To be continued so stay tuned!

Our Story continues HERE.

Brought to you by these talented members of the Old Farmhouse Gathering team!


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