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An OFG Spring Time Story Continues.....

Our story started HERE...

When the baby bunnies awoke the next morning and saw their gift, they hopped up and down with excitement! "Thank you Mommy and Daddy!" chimed twelve little baby bunny voices. But the gift for their baby bunnies was not the only surprise Lilly Mae and Benny had come home with the night before. They had also gone shopping at the Motherlode Toad Factory, for gifts for Grandma Bunny and Francesca! They knew for sure that they would find the perfect one of a kind, hand crafted creative gift for each of them in Robyn's shop to thank them for taking such good care of their baby bunnies and they were so right! For Grandma Bunny, since she loves to stitch and sew, they purchased an adorable Sunflower Pin Cushion Mouse
and for Francesca, who loves birds so very much, they purchased an amazing bluebird wall hanging.
Grandma Bunny and Francesca were such great baby sitters for the 12 little bunnies. Lily Mae thought an extra hand was definitely needed to help with meals for all of them. Fortunately, a wonderful chef lived right down the street and was available at this wonderful shop on Etsy called 
"Hop" came over immediately to talk to Lilly Mae. Lilly Mae said: "These babies are very particular about their meals." 
"Clarice likes only carrots.
Chuck likes only chocolate!" 
With a giant gasp, "Hop" fainted and fell to the floor. The very thought of thinking he would have to prepare 12 individual meals three times a day scared him senseless! 
Lilly Mae rushed to revive "Hop" and said how very sorry she was to have upset him so greatly!
As soon as he could "Hop", streaked on back home. Lilly Mae thought: I will have to check all of the great Old Farmhouse Gathering team to find extra helpers for meals, maybe more than one this time?

Benny was beside himself with the thought of how expensive this was going to get. "Lilly Mae" he said in his Big Bunny Honey voice. "We simply cannot afford to provide all of our little ones with 'silver spoons' in their mouths. It's time to teach them what real rabbits do. Let's go and get the gardening tools out of the bunny shed. I found some GREAT fruits and vegetables over at the"

Since it was such a beautiful day, Lilly Mae and Benny took their little bunnies outside to teach them the basics of gardening, complete with delicious vegetables and most especially, CARROTS!

After they went out to the garden and Benny saw all the wonderful veggies the garden had to offer for this growing family, he went out to the potting shed where he remembered he bought the perfect pail at
This would be just what they needed to carry all their food for the day back to their nest. 

As it is with most growing babies, it's hard for them to concentrate on one task for very long. Lillie Mae and Benny let the babies explore the garden while they finished gathering their beautiful veggies. 

It wasn't long before the babies came hopping over to mom and dad excitedly having found the most beautiful creature they have ever seen. Lillie Mae and Benny laughed at the little ones remembering the first time they were allowed to explore their world as children.

"Benny, why don't you sit with the children and explain to them what amazing creatures there are in the world and how very beneficial they are to our environment?"

"Great idea, Lillie Mae. It is our responsibility to teach the children how to care for the world around them and to respect all living creatures."

"Gather around children. Let's see what it is you have found in the garden today." said Benny to the babies. With the excitement and wonder only children have, Benny began to explain to them about the beautiful red lady bug they found hiding among the daisies.
“Ladybugs are need in our gardens to help our plants grow by eating other harmful bugs.”
"Do you remember your Grand poppa Maxwell Bunny?" asked Benny.
All the little bunnies nodded yes.
"He grew up during WWII and during that period of time everyone was encouraged to have a 'Victory Garden'. He became quite an avid gardener. This is where I learned the importance of ladybugs and other helpful bugs in a garden."
"Every morning he would say hang out is Victory Banner then start doing his part for the war effort." 
"He took care of his garden, turned in all the worn rubber car tires to the collecting stations, as well as all scrap metal he could find. This was all for the War effort. It was a difficult time in history and everyone had to do his part." 
"But every autumn his garden paid off and they had food to eat during the upcoming winter." said Benny
“We are lucky to live in a different and easier period of time,” said Benny to his brood. “Now it is time to go help out your Mother fix dinner.” So off they hopped….

Benny and Lilly Mae gathered all of their brood to help fix dinner. Each one of the little ones had a task to do, dishes, silverware, napkins glasses and extra chairs for the guests that have been invited to dinner. The Twisted Knickers family are coming for dinner, they all jumped up and down with excitement to hear their friends were coming.
The first to arrive is Maple Sugar, oh how they loved to cuddle next to his fur.
Momma made a special dish for him, roast beef.

The next to arrive was Ronnie Ribbit. They all played Leap Frog with him. I think maybe the little hoppers loved him most.

As the night progressed many stories were told over the table, lots of laughs were heard and many memories were placed in their hearts forever.
As everyone went to bed after a splendid party they were wondering what was going to happen tomorrow........

The little bunnies woke up early the next morning before anyone else. They were very excited to do something nice for their parents. 

They wanted to show their Mommy and Daddy that they had listened to the stories about Grand-poppa bunny and how it was important to grow a garden. So they decided to plant a herb garden and use tags from to label the plant pots. They knew the way to Old Farmhouse Gathering by now, and off they bounced to get the special tags.
It was the Best Day Ever, a day to remember forever and share with their friends with the help of a spring scrapbook kit for the pictures they would take of their first garden. Such clever little bunnies!
The little bunnies were so proud of all the hard work they had done on the spring garden. They had tilled up the ground, covered all the seeds with the dark rich soil, then gently sprinkled the entire garden with water. The sun was beginning to sink in the sky. The little bunnies knew that momma would soon be calling them to dinner. They scurried about putting up the garden tools. The bunnies all agreed to keep the garden a secret & surprise their parents in the morning. They finished tidying up & scampered inside giggling & whispering ....All except for one little bunny.....This bunny wanted to surprise everyone with a primitive garden angel to look over the newly planted garden. An angel to bless the seeds. She knew she could find just the perfect angel at
 .......Meanwhile in the rabbit hole, Momma rabbit had sent all the dirty little bunnies to the bathtub to get clean before dinner.

"Oh Dear Oh Dear What a mess my little bunnies made! What can they be up too?" Spring was coming and Lillie Mae wanted to bring a little spring into their rabbit hole. She knew she could find just want she needed at the shop. There were so many wonderful things in the shop but... Large Bunches of Sweet Annie caught her eye and they would fill their home with wonderful springtime freshness! 
After putting all those tired little bunnies to bed, Lilly Mae settles down in her comfy chair with the basket of mending in her lap. The colorful pin cushion that she bought at is too pretty to keep in the sewing basket it sits on the shelf behind her chair.
After she had finished the mending, she went to the kitchen and set the table for breakfast with the kid's favorite bunny napkins.
Her days work is finished. Lilly Mae yawns and hops off to bed.

She looked over at her beloved Benny and even with a day full of activities, noise and a little chaos, she remembered just how much he meant to her. He reached over to hold her hand as they always did and she rested her weary head on their new little pillow. 
And, in what seemed to be just a blink, they were welcomed into the new day by The Clucks, a pair of very early risers!
Just as Lilly Mae was making breakfast there was a knock at the door.
Prim Fabric Bunny, Spring Decor, Bunny Doll, Prim Rabbit, Easter Bunny,
 Benny opened the door and it was Mr. Hopper from next door. "I need a favor Benny. My wife is in labor so can you and Lilly Mae watch our little ones until my Mother arrives?" 
Prim Fabric Bunny, Bunny Bowl fillers, Easter Decor, Spring Decor, Chocolate Bunnies
 "Of course Mr. Hopper," Benny replied. "We are just about to eat breakfast so bring them on in." After all, what is a few more bunnies in the world of bunnies!

Mama sent the bunnies to wash up for breakfast, reminding them to use soap...after all, she was thrilled with the new soap dispenser she had just bought at
Later that afternoon, Mama decided to give all of the bunnies a special treat before it was time for the neighbor bunnies to go home. She had some candy bars and kisses she had also picked up while she was at Yorkie's Primitives.

The bunnies had all played together so nicely that Mama was able to relax and browse through the shops of The OFG Team. Mama was so happy she decided to let them have one of each!! Talk about hoppy...I mean happy bunnies!

After the bunnies finished their candy, Mama gave them all a bath and put them to bed. Then she went back to The OFG Team and found the perfect Baby Card from to welcome the new bunnies at the Hopper home.
She was excited to know that her babies would have friends to play with and all was well at Benny and Lilly Mae's bunny home!
This would be a fun Spring with all the new bunnies hopping around!!
Spring had Sprung with help from The Old Farm House Gathering Team!!


We hope you have enjoyed this Spring Time Adventure!!

Brought to you by these talented members of the Old Farmhouse Gathering team!


Colleen said...

Great story and I enjoyed being a part of it! It was such fun! :)

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LOVED the Springtime Adventure!
What a fun way to share some of the many wonderful creations from the talented Old Farmhouse Gathering Team! We are all looking forward to a early Spring!

HollyRidgeCreations said...

What a great story!! I am so happy to be able to be a part of it.

Vicky said...

Super story! So much fun to create with this fantastic Team!!