Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Gingermen Tutorial with Vicky of Paintspots-n-Splinters

 Gingermen: A Tutorial

I started off with a 'hand drawn' pattern. I made my OCD version on the left but chose to work with the Primitive this time!
Sewed 'em up and based them in Americana Lt. Cinnamon.
Sponged them first with Americana Cocoa and then lightly with Buttermilk. Be patient! 
One side at a time, please!

While wet, splatter them with a toothbrush full of black paint and some glass glitter!
 We like it all shiny and sparkly, now don't we?!
I took them out and sprayed them with some Matte Sealer. 
This is optional as is a light sanding when fully dry.

I pinned a rusty safety pin for hanging and tied a strip of homespun around their necks and....

....my Gingermen were born!!
Thank you for sharing this great tutorial Vicky!!
Vicky can be found here:


yorkie's primitives said...

Thanks for sharing a great tutorial on Gingerbread men, Valerie

Colleen said...

They almost look good enough to eat!:) Thanks for sharing. :)

The Farmer's Attic said...

I love these!!! Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us!


Vicky said...

Thanks for sharing it, Barb!


Great tutorial !