Tuesday, March 8, 2011

SEO Tips, Part 5: Content is King

As promised, here is part five from Taylor of The Prairie Patch:

As they say in the blogging circles, content is king. Why? Because readers go to your blog to read...content! Of course, there are some blogs that mainly feature drool worthy pictures, but having a blog of mostly photos doesn’t help with search engines. Here are a few tips to help your blog get noticed by the search engines:

- Write often and regularly. A rule of thumb is to write at least two posts a day on your blog for a couple months. I know that sounds difficult, and indeed it is, but if you’re trying to jump start a new blog and get it noticed by those search engines, you have to work it. The mantra of "If I build it, they will come" is very naïve nowadays with so many selling sites and blogs. Perhaps ten years ago, you’d have more success with such a passive attitude, but it doesn’t help now when there are literally millions of sites and blogs on the web. After writing two posts a day for a couple months, you can decrease it to one post a day, thereafter decreasing it to a few times a week.

- Good writing. Make sure you proofread and correct any mistakes or typos. Having shorter paragraphs is also easier on your readers' eyes. It’s difficult reading a long entry when there’s only a couple paragraphs.

- Write about what you love or have an interest in. When I started Sunburnt Cow, I did it – and am doing it – as a labor of love. I love looking at the wares of the various artisans whom I’ve invited to take part in my SEO experiment over there. I have to say it’s difficult remembering to post twice a day, and soon I’ll be running out of content. After all, these talented ladies can only make so much product! So, I’m making an offer to my readers. I tried making this offer to a couple forums, but for some reason it was ignored. It may have had to do with the audience. You're reading this because you have an interest in getting your handmade shop noticed; therefore, I should've made this offer to those of you reading my SEO tips. :)

Thus, if you have an etsy or ebay shop and would like me to blog about your handmade items for sale on the Sunburnt Cow, please email me for more info. (My email addy is in my profile). All I would ask in return is a link back to the site on your blog. I certainly wouldn't require anything more than that. To do so would be onerous, even if I was bringing you 90% of your sales. (This offer will stand until probably April or May when I kick it up to the next level). If you make raggedies or teddies, you can be featured on Handmade Teddy Bears and Raggedies

Bottom line: writing about something you enjoy will help you get through the two posts a day guideline.

- Stand out from the crowd. Do something a little different from your peers. I hope to be adding more tutorials and some interviews on my blog. I’d also like to add some link parties, though I’m not sure how much those widget linky thingies cost.

- Write elsewhere in order to get your blog noticed. There are various sites online where you can submit articles, if you're a writer. In lieu of payment, you’ll get your blog noticed. This type of promoting will get “new blood” into your site or blog, and if you’re trying to sell something, you need a steady source of new traffic as much as possible. (I just may try to start writing for She Knows again, now that I have a mission to get my selling blogs noticed)!

- Be yourself. Don’t try to be like another blogger/writer. When you do, your readers will see right through you or, at the very least, sense something is amiss. That something is your trying to be someone you’re not. Plus, when you aren’t yourself when blogging, you’re not going to enjoy the writing experience, which will definitely show.

Most of the above tips are for SEO purposes only. SEO is important in gaining new traffic, but linking up with other bloggers who are in your niche can be just important. I'll be writing about that soon. It all boils down to work it, and you'll get results. Case in point: in the past few days, I've gotten over 500 page views alone. Work it, work it!

Look forward to part six next week!!!


Mrs.Kwitty said...

Very interesting! I tend to convince myself that I have nothing newsworthy to share, so I procrastinate on posting. I used to post a lot and had a lot of followers, but slacked off and people don't stop by that often anymore. It's a poor excuse!

Here is a good posting on using the linky tool--for free

hope it's helpful to you.
Smiles, Karen

Mrs.Kwitty said...

I couldn't find your profile?? but wouldn't mind being considered for a blog post.
Smiles, Karen

paul said...

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