Friday, March 4, 2011

Feature Friday

It is with great pleasure to introduce you to Kristi, Etsy shop owner of Punkin Seed Productions!!!

Kristi is a homeschooling mom that has always loved arts and crafts. She will paint on anything but loves repurposing old items.

You have to stop by and visit with Kristi!!! She will be so excited you took the time to see her creations! If you have any questions or see something you like, please feel free to contact her. Custom orders are welcome!

If you would like to see the newest projects she's working on, please visit her blog by clicking here.


Kristi Flanagan said...

Awe - thank you so much for featuring me! You've made my day!



Joann said...

Kristi does nice work!

Jody said...

I just love Kristi's awesome creations! What talent!

Barb said...

Kristi has the greatest items! Fun and colorful. She has so much talent.