Saturday, June 11, 2016

Once Upon A Time - Conclusion AND A Giveaway!!!

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As our story comes to a close, we hope that you enjoyed each chapter as it unfolded. . .Oh wait, we need a title to our story!!! What do you think we should call our story? Tell us what you think we should name it. The title will be presented to the Moderators of the Old Farmhouse Gathering team and a winner will be chosen to receive a very special gift!!! Winner will be chosen Monday, June 13th.

Pretty flowers in pretty vases always reminded him of his grandmother's flower garden, where he had spent many a wonderful afternoon. . .

While Sam was picking his flowers, he decided to pull some weeds.

And while he was weeding, he looked up and saw some cute little birdhouses.

The birdhouses reminded him of his own cozy house.

In his own cozy house, there's a place for everything and everything is always in it's place. . .a place for the hats, a place for the coats, and a place for the shoes. . .

We hope you enjoyed our little story in pictures. Please make sure you click on each one and visit the wonderful items each of the OFG team members has to share. They are amazing and wonderful and so talented, they leave me speechless!

Now - don't forget to come up with a title for our story. Leave your suggestion in the comment section below. Winner will be announced on Monday! (This is not open to any Old Farmhouse Gathering team member.)

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