Monday, June 2, 2014

We Love Father's

We Love Father's and here is to you Dad!

Fishing is a very serious sport in my family and consequently "my men" are good at it. They have been accused by some not so diligent as being "fish whisperers" so when I saw this background I just had to decorate with it. Finding the old cupboard front was an additional bonus.

Carol from Art Works by Carol:

My daddy took us to the beach every summer, he was so happy and carefree at the beach. I always get a good feeling when I see the ocean, take in a deep breath and relax . My daddy has been gone since I was 30, I wish he could have been around to see me raise my family. We love the beach also.

Barb from Barb's Heartstrokes says:
My father is a metal and wood worker and my grandfather was a carpenter. They would have many different cabinets and drawers full of odds and end. As a kid, I was forever looking through all the little drawers trying to find a certain size nail, staple or screw for each of them. This little tin cabinet reminds me of both of them. Now I notice I do the same thing for my husband and all of his little drawers of treasures!

Thank you all for sharing your talent and wonderful thoughts on Fathers!

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Vicky said...

Wonderful treasures for Dads!