Thursday, May 22, 2014

Celebrating Father's!

Celebrating Fathers!

Annie from Annie's Hand Made Decor shares this:
Three Button Pillow, OFG, FAAP
This pillow reminds me of fathers in suits.

Lucy from The Farmer's Attic shares this about her father:
Cedarwood Sage Soap
As a kid, I used to love watching my father shave. I especially remember him using the cup and bristle brush to lather up the soap. He would then lather his face to prepare for shaving. He not only used the replaceable razor blades, he also used the straight edged razor. I can still see him using the strap to sharpen the blade! Men's bar soap always reminds me of those times.

Sue from Lodge Decor and More shares:
Rustic wood serving tray, breakfast in bed,Father's Day
This wood serving tray with handles reminds me of my dad because as a child growing up, we spent hours upon hours going fishing. My dad taught me how to bait a worm, how to tie a knot, and how to take the fish off the hook. I sure miss him.

Pamela from Maplea's Rag Cloth Dolls shares about her father:
11 inch painted plate for Father's Day "To Set a Worthy Example"
This plate is designed towards my husband and my dad I feel my dad as always a good example by teaching me to honest, loyal, kind, friendly, to enjoy life respect others and my has taught my children this example so I work hard to be like my dad.  I see my son trying to be a lot like his dad and grand father.  My son adores both and loves them and so do I and so does my daughter. I have learned so much from them both.

Barb from Barb's Heartstrokes tell us about her father and husband:
Patriotic Americana Flag, Framed in Barn Wood, Rustic Barn Wood Frame, Primitive Frame, Folk Art American Flag, Red, White and Blue Theme
This Flag reminds me of my Husband who served in the military. He is a great Dad and has a great love for our country.
My Dad makes my with out him helping me create I would not have my business. Thanks Dad!

Thank you for sharing about Father's and your talent!

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