Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday Tutorial with Lucy of The Farmer's Attic

How to Make Faux Chenille
Making faux chenille is relatively easy. You will need 4 layers of fabric. In the example, I have used 4 layers of flannel but you can also use cotton as shown at the end of the tutorial.
I have cut four different pieces measuring 12" square. Layer each piece on top of each other, right sides facing up. Pin baste so the layers won't shift. Mark a diagonal sewing line from one corner to another using either a washable fabric marker or an air erasable marker. Sew on your diagonal line using your walking foot. Either mark a sewing line 1/2" away from the original sewn line or use your sewing foot as a guide. Sew diagonal lines 1/2" apart until the entire piece is completely sewn.

Using either a Chenille cutter or a pair of scissors, cut through three layers of the fabric between each stitched line. Be careful to only cut 3 of the 4 layers.
After chenille fabric has been stitched and cut, you can mark, cut and sew your pattern to create a chenille pillow, animal, etc.

For the bunny shown below, I sewed two 12" pieces of chenille, marked my bunny pattern on the back, cut and sewed them together.

After your piece has been sewn together, stuffed and hand stitched closed, simply throw your piece in the washing machine with a couple of large towels. Toss them in the dryer. Once dried, the chenille will become fuzzy. The more you wash and dry the fuzzier and softer it will become.

As you can see in the following picture, you are not limited to simply sewing diagonal lines. Experiment with any design.

You can also "chenille" pre-printed fabric. Just make sure you layer each panel directly on top of each other. The last layer should be face down and the three layers face up. As you can see, the design, once cut, maintains its original pattern. You can do this for rugs, placemats, table runners, baby blankets,
etc. Use your imagination.

Thank You for sharing Lucy!
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