Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tuesday Tutorial with Bimi of Triya and Nora

How To Make a Dragon with Tissue Paper?
This looks so amazing, if any one likes it should make them and share your pics with me :)

We will begin with making the frame or skeleton of a dragon.

To do this, take a jar and cut off from the bottom and neck. Remove the stiffness and give the bottle a desired shape with electrical tape.

Next take a piece of foil and form the trunk, neck and tail. you can just do with a foil , but it’s really a matter of choice, a rigid bottle inside makes a strong armature for me :)

Now, to add strength and rigidity I would wrap duct tape. If you feel that the tail is a bit short, add – subtract, smooth, no problem it’s easy to do. I gave the usual paper tail flagellum.
Thus, the body is ready.

Head of the dragon.

Take toilet paper. Measure out 4 slices (at the perforation), add it and bend diagonally 2 times. Moisten, squeeze and straighten..
Fold the edge, turn and now bend both ends to the middle, and once again bends the ends inward. Make a small ball and put inside the first. Finally, form the top of the head.

Doing the same thing with the lower jaw, but without the ball.
We will now connect the top and bottom and keep it away to dry.
Now make the eyelids on the eyes. For this segment is cut into 4 triangles (2 for each eye) and form ever. Pasted them on the eyes, upper and lower eyelids.
For his nostrils again from triangular pieces add up and form the nostrils.
Horns, ears …
Let us make arms and legs .
Here the mass of options. You can take the wire, we can once again foil, etc … I’m doing it. First, make a bundle of paper 4. The full length of the legs and arms. And to them will strengthen your fingers, muscles, etc.
Making the fingers.
Segment (the perforations), cut in half and add 4 times. Form the sausage with a thickening middle.
We need to make the 8 +8 = 16 fingers. Rear slightly larger and thicker front on the contrary – is thinner.
After it dried out, beginning to make the skin and nails. For this paper cut into small triangles. And wrap each finger, leaving claw.
Making hands and feet. At the foot three-finger forward, one step back (similar to a chicken claw). Do not forget the hands of left-right where to stick his thumb.
After all gripped, it is necessary to bend nails, fingers slightly bent, giving the natural shape of hands and feet. Do not forget the heels …
Begin to make out a limb. Strips of paper reels and the thickness of the top cover tape. It will serve as scales on the legs and arms.

Next in line wings.
Draw the wing. Or print out on your printer ready, suitable in size and shape … We turn flagella of appropriate size. Here are a few things are worth paying attention. You can simply twist the strands straight, then sharpen the tips of them and put them on the drawing. Then glued on the paper and will be quite bearable .. But I’m doing a little differently. I cliff with their thickening at the base and glued on both sides of paper at each other. Wing turns in my opinion more impressive.

Once the flagella are ready, you need to while they are still moist and soft paste according to the figure on the basis of transparent plastic (or glass, or solid polyethylene or the like, the main thing that after drying it with all the easily detached.) It is desirable from both sides at once, so then it was easier to assemble the wing.
Pasted on the wing skeleton of the paper.
The spikes on the crest. The segment cut into 4 pieces and each of the triangles to twist in the spine. Spikes must be made in different sizes.From the large to mid-back to the small tip of the tail on … It is necessary to make about 20-30 pieces.
Connecting the dragon.

Connecting his head with the torso. With glue gun glue the legs, arms, wings. To be safe, I also cemented with adhesive tape.

But before you glue the wings need to ask yourselves – if you want to make the dragon quickly, easier or more interesting. How to deal with scales, depends precisely on the answers to these questions. Can be done very simply, as limbs of a dragon wrapped, just wrap the body and all. Will quickly and easily. Yes – yes every scale separately and glued, laying one to one. But, believe me! the result is great
Once the scales are glued, glue the back ridge.

Once ready to be dried dragon, it must be primed, painted and lacquered.
Thank You Bimi for sharing this fun and amazing tutorial!
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Vicky said...

Absolutely AMAZING! A little advanced for me, especially in the paper sculpting, but how talented is SHE!! Thanks for the Tutorial, Bimi!

Kim said...

My goodness, how cool is that!!

The Farmer's Attic said...

I have one word - WOW!!!! Thanks for sharing Bimi!


Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

WOW - amazing work!