Friday, October 4, 2013

Feature Friday with Faith from The Primitive Black Hat Society

1. What is the name of your Etsy shop and why did you choose that name?
The shop name is “The Primitive Black Hat Society”.   I love Halloween and all things associated with it. I enjoy making these items the best. I saw a sign once that said The Black Hat Society, and I loved it so I just made it my own by adding the word Primitive. All my work is in the primitive style and I felt it fit just perfect.

2. How long have you been on Etsy?
 I opened my shop Sept. 2012
3. What type of items do you offer?
I work mainly in fabric. I like to incorporate vintage and antique finds. Some items have wood or clay bits to them. All of my work is in the country primitive style. I make dolls , make-do pin keeps, different animals, santas, snow people, pumpkins, witches, altered bottles, cans and books. The list goes on and on.

4. How long have you been crafting?
I can’t remember a time when I wasn't. When I was a child I was always making different items out of bits of this and that. My mother taught me to sew and I was making my own clothes as early as grade school. I don’t feel whole if I am not working on something. 
5. Who or What inspires you?
All things old and wondering what their story is. Where did they come from, how many people touched them, what was their life like, what kind of home did they live in and what was their thoughts. I feel like I am stepping back in time and I like all my items to reflect that old well-worn look.
6. What is your favorite item in your shop and why?
My pumpkins, I love to make them. I enjoy stitching their faces on. Each turns out different. They have a true personality they tell me what they want to look like.
7. Other places where you can be found?
Click on the Xtreme Poppy Shoppers and Look for The Primitive Black Hat Society
Also you can find my work at “The Gibson Mill” it is an antique and art mall in Concord, NC. If you are in the area and stop in, just ask them where booth #616 is, that’s me.

8. How do you describe your artistic style? 
I really don’t know how to describe my style. Primitive I guess. I like everything I make to look as if it has been around for 150 years. I just can’t do anything that looks new. I just do whatever is in my head and see how it turns out.
9. Do you have set days or times to work on your craft?
I wish. I tried to do that and it never worked out. I would set a schedule and could not seem to stick to it. So I stopped setting schedules. I now work when the mood strikes. You can find me in my studio at all times of the day or night. I may be there at 7am, 1am or 3pm. It just depends on what is going on in my head at what time.

10. What words of advice would you give others or to someone just starting out?
Don’t let others tell you that making art is not a real job, that you can’t do it for a living if you want to. Art is a passion and you must follow your passion wherever it leads! Get yourself out there and get noticed. Promote, promote, promote!
11. Tell a bit of personal info about yourself.
I am a 55 year old misplaced Yankee living in the south. I moved down here in 2001 to be warmer and I met my husband (#2) here. I am a northern city girl and he is a true southern country boy. Somehow it works and we have been together 5 ½ years now. We live in the tiny town that my husband grew up in. I have discovered as much as I love the city, I enjoy the mountains of NC much better. I have 4 children, all grown. My oldest daughter has 2 adorable boys ages 5 and 2. She lives down here too, only 30 min. away so we get to see her and the boys often. They call me GG, I am too young to be called Grandma LOL. My husband and I spend our weekends antiquing in NC, VA, and TN. I have a booth in a local antique mall where I sell my art and antiques. We just moved into a 1940’s farmhouse and we are working on the gardens. My goal next spring is to have a vegetable, herb and flower garden and then learn to can. Family, art and home, this is what is most important in my life and I am loving it!


DogsMom said...

Very interesting interview.
And you are making me want to move south!
I can appreciate that you can't keep set craft hours and work as inspiration strikes.

Firecracker Kid said...

Ahh, a newbie :) I like the look of Faith's dolls. They look like you put a lot of work into them.