Friday, February 1, 2013

Feature Friday witth Christi Hocking Handcrafts

1. What is the name of your Etsy shop and why did you choose that name? 
My shop name is CH2 Christi Hocking Handcrafts. My husband and I have the same first and last initials, therefore the CH2. Christi Hocking Handcrafts fits the CH2 too!
2. How long have you been on Etsy? 
I've been on Etsy since January 2012
3. What type of items do you offer? 
I primarily offer Fall and Winter vintage style whimsical dolls/shelf sitters and various home décor items, with a focus on snowmen, my favorite winter character! I also offer hand-painted girl’s sweatshirt jackets, hand-knit, felted, beaded and lined handbags, and I’m looking to expand my felted items to include some new wet felted bags…stay tuned!

4. How long have you been crafting? 
I've been painting, drawing, gluing and sewing since I was a child, and have been selling in some way, shape or form, for over 25 years.
5. Who or What inspires you? 
I am inspired by pretty much anything that will make you laugh! I love whimsy. I’m really a child at heart.
6. What is your favorite item in your shop and why? 
My Bunny Bandit, which is one of my first original designs. It still makes me laugh!
7. Other places where you can be found?
Find me on my Facebook page: 
I sell at local craft shows, and my show list is on my Facebook page under Events.
8. How do you describe your artistic style? 
Classic, vintage whimsy.

9. Do you have set days or times to work on your craft? 
I fit it in when I can. I have a full time job, so it’s usually at night, or on the weekends.
10. What words of advice would you give others or to someone just starting out? 
Do it because you love it, not because you expect to make money, and don’t under price your work!
11. Tell a bit of personal info about yourself. 
I’m a native of Southern California, temporarily living in Charlotte, North Carolina (though I don’t think 5+ years is really temporary). I’m married to a Brit, who is the love of my life and we have a rescued Bengal cat named Ben, who is an absolute hoot! I’m an organized geek who loves 80’s alternative music and snorkeling. 

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The Farmer's Attic said...

Christi is so talented. Love her work!!!! Thanks for featuring her today!