Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial with Deb of My Stitches to Treasure

Dipping Light Bulbs in Silicone 
I started by filling my bowl with silicone caulk- deep enough to cover my bulb, added a few drops of scented oil and some mineral spirits to thin the caulk a little.
I wrapped a piece of wire around the bulb to hang it by to dry,
and then dipped the bulb and twisted it as I pulled it out of the caulk mixture as I didn't want a really smooth finish.
Then I hung them up to dry and took some pictures (which really did not turn out very well and I apologize). Seems simple enough but...in the process of taking pictures I bumped my frame and knocked everything down. Sooooo-I wiped my bulbs off and started all over again. Don't ya hate it when ya clutz out!!
And here is what I ended up with. On some the candle will be cut off to use only the top, and on others the bottom will be inside the item and won't show. I don't have long tails on these bulbs as I used a little thicker caulk mixture since I didn't want them- I just wanted to frost the clear glass bulb. You can add color, cinnamon, or other ingredients for variety but I kept this first venture simple.

Thanks Deb for the fun tutorial!
You can find Deb here:


The Farmer's Attic said...

I love these!!!!! Need to pin this tutorial for future reference!!! Thanks so much Deb for sharing!


Carmen at Old House Kitchen said...

Thank you so much, Deb! I always wondered how to do this! Now I know and I can give it a whirl myself!

Ashley said...

Thanks for this!!

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Wow, I've always wondered how to do that, thank you so much Deb and thanks OFG for sharing this great tutorial! Deb

Vicky said...

Thanks for the info, Deb! I'll have to give this a try!
(I'm sure I'll clutz out, too!)

Colleen said...

I also wondered how they did this. How neat. Thanks for sharing this with us. :)

Firecracker Kid said...

Great! That looks easy enough to do. I'd probably have some spills too, 'cause I'm a klutz as well... lol. Thanks darlin'.

M.j. said...

Thanks I was just looking on how to do this...I was going to order some and buy but I think this is more fun!!!!