Monday, August 6, 2012

What do you Have at the Top of your Christmas Tree

Linda, shop owner of WARMTH and a member of the OFG Team, posed a very interesting question to our team the other day and what a fun response there was.
So now we would like to know what do you have at the top of your Christmas tree?
OFG Team members feel free to respond too!


Barb said...

This was my response to Linda's question:
I will give you the low husband goes all out at Christmas so he usually puts up 7-8 large trees and a million smaller trees. We have never had the same ornament at the top of any tree. Every year it is different. But the year he found an old door and put it up against the wall with a huge wreath on it telling Santa to go through that door (which led to nowhere) my kids where frantic. They quick made a sign that said "Santa do not use this door". Still have that sign!
Might have to put the sign at the top of one of the trees this year!

Kim said...

We have a red primitive barn star tree topper :) YOur husbands too funny Barb ;)

Vicky said...

Always a star that blinks some kind of color. Not my choice but then again it's not 'my' tree; it's the family's, LOL!!
WHOA on the multitude of trees, Barb!!

WoolenSails said...

I have a cat themed tree, so my topper is a cat dressed in santa style clothing.


Colleen said...

That is so cute Barb. We actually don't have a tree anymore as we travel to the kids/grandkids every year so we decided not to put up a tree anymore. I still decorate the heck out of the house, but no tree. When we did have a tree we had a glass pointy ornament that was on my husband's and my first tree when we got married and it lasted a long time until the cat pulled the tree over. :(

The Farmer's Attic said...

My daughter made an angel for me years ago out of styrofoam and paper twist ribbon. She is lovingly placed on top of the tree every year!


Linda Welcome said...

I didn't say what I have on the top of MY tree....but I will now. At the top of my tree I have a "Child Angel" dressed in off white lace holding a candle with greeens an red ribbons. She was given to my family by a local couple who never had children. He was a State Trooper and she was an angel herself. I vividly remember the evening they brought our family the angel. I was busy making mice (1992) and my children were waiting for a pizza to be delivered. They were so excited when it came...and Fred (the trooper) teased the children by stealing the pepperoni off their slices. They recall that night every time they see the Angel.

msmarilyngray said...

We have had a crocheted angel that my sister made for us over 30 years ago....Last year my youngest son (38) said 'mom, are you going to put that old 'thing' on top of the tree again'? My sister was standinf there and just laughed, but we still put the angel on top of the tree. It is something I will always treasure because she made it for me.

yorkie's primitives said...

I put an angel holding a candle that lights up on my tree top, Valerie