Friday, March 9, 2012

Feature Friday - Prims Gone Wild

Today's featured shop is Karen of Prims Gone Wild. Karen has been making handmade dolls and crafts for a long time. She uses her own designs and patterns making folk art primitive crafts.

Most of the time Karen makes dolls, bunnies and cats.A lot of her crafts can be described as Folk Art, Prim Grunged and Extreme Grunged Crafts. Grunged is a process of painting, sanding and staining using mainly walnut crystals, coffee, vanilla and cinnamon. They smell "yummy". Part of the grunged process also includes baking her crafts. 

Karen has always been a country prim girl and feels that it definitely shows in her creations. She comes from a very large creative family. She is one of 14, 8 girls and 6 boys! She used to draw all over her bedroom walls which she used as if it was a big canvas. She never got in trouble for drawing on her walls, in fact, she had even gotten compliments on it!

Karen also collects vintage items to recycle and make prim make-do's. She also makes prim hang tags. Her creations are very unique and have a personality all their own.

Please take some time to visit with Karen. Simply click on any of the photos above. You will not be disappointed!


Karen E. Blevins said...

Wow, thanks a bunch for featuring me.


SweetPea51 said...

Own a couple of Karen's UNIQUE creations. She takes a lot of pride in her craft/shows in her handiwork! Definitely won't stop at a couple :) Great conservation pieces!

Barb said...

Wonderful feature on such a talented artist!
Thanks for sharing.