Friday, March 23, 2012

Feature Friday - Prim Penny Stitches

Today's feature is Debbie of Prim Penny Stitches. Her shop was named by her sister who also created the graphics for her shop as well as her business cards.

Debbie opened her shop on Etsy less than one year ago but also sells on Ebay under the name prymprettystitches. In her shop, Debbie offers candle mats, coasters, ornies, bowl fillers, and mini pillows which are all hand stitched. Some of her favorite items are the garlands she sells.

Debbie has been crafting since she was about 10 years old. She used to make her own Barbie clothes and even sold loom potholders to neighbors and friends. Even at the age of 10 she was taking custom orders. Even though her mom taught her to sew with a sewing machine, Debbie prefers hand stitching.

Not only does Debbie take some of her inspiration from cards or even wrapping paper, she has ideas that pop into her head. Debbie makes patterns from what inspires her and designs patterns of her own. She loves to work in the mornings when she has more energy and gets some of her best ideas. She does work outside the home so usually will work on her products on her days off.

She loves to work in the primitive style, especially working with wool and wool felt. Because she is a history nut, Debbie wants to bring back the lost art of the penny rug.

When asked what advice she would give to someone just starting out, she says, "Don't give up, do your own thing and keep up with the trends but in your own style. Keep your prices in a decent range so that you don't scare off customers...Seasonal items are good to start with and then add everyday items to keep customers coming back. Don't be afraid to take custom orders."

On a personal note, Debbie was born and raised in Illinois and hasn't moved far from her hometown. She's been married to the same guy for 38 years and has 2 sons, a daughter and 4 grandchildren. Artistic talent runs in the family. Her great-grandmother was a seamstress, her dad's mother did tatting and crochet, her dad is wonderful with wood, her mom used to sew for her and her 2 sisters, one sister is a graphic designer and her son is a tattoo artist.

To visit Debbie at her Etsy shop Prim Penny Stitches, just click on any of the photos. You won't be disappointed!

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