Friday, January 13, 2012

Feature Friday - Angelbug Prims

This week's Feature Friday is Angel of Angelbug Prims. Angel's grandparents used to call Angel by the name Angelbug when she was a little girl. They had a lot of primitives in their home and were always teaching her how to do something with her hands.

When asked for a little personal information about herself, Angel shared this: "I am 41 and finally comfortable in my own skin, the mama of two awesome young men. My hubby is my best friend! We are crafting together now and are going to try our luck at craft shows this upcoming year. He works in the garage doing his wood working crafts and I am in my sun filled craft room in the house doing my fabric crafts (the secret to a great marriage!)I have 3 dogs that I adore beyond belief and I love to create. That is when I am the happiest…at home…Surrounded by family…creating!"
When she started making prims a couple of years ago, naturally her mind would drift to memories of her grandparents quite often. So when it came to naming her shop, Angelbug Prims seemed a fitting choice.
Angel started her Etsy shop in February, 2011 and offer primitives of everyday items as well as seasonal. Even though her artistic style is mainly primitive, she can also be categorized as Folk art as well as country. If you asked Angel what her favorite item is in her shop, she would tell you that she loves her primitive black dolls.
Even though Angel has been crafting nearly all of her life, she has only been creating primitives for just the past couple of years. It all started when she stumbled upon a primitive website and from there she couldn't get enough! She started researching primitive craft making sites and has self-taught herself to make dolls, quilts, tote bags and most anything that has to do with fabric and needle and thread.

Angel crafts every day, morning, noon and night. She has been warned, however, not to run her sewing machine at 3 a.m. anymore! Angel is inspired by the girls at Prim Chat. It is there that she not only learns a lot but she also laughs a lot!!! 

The advice Angel gives to anyone just starting out: "Thank goodness for the internet! There are so many wonderful sites that offer free advice, tutorials, patterns, etc. The information is out there just waiting for you!!"

You can find Angel on her Etsy shop by clicking the links or photos above. You can also find her on Ebay, Groove Press and on her Blog.


Firecracker Kid said...

Angel makes some real cute handmades. I'm partial to the kleenex holding dollies.

Vicky said...

She's got some cute things in her shop!