Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Marketing Tips: Blog Swapping, Contests, and Link Parties

Here's the final installment, Part 7, of Taylor's tutorial. Thank you so much Taylor for sharing such a bounty of information with us. If you haven't yet become of a follower of Taylor's wonderful blog, do so today. The Prairie Patch blog is one you'll not want to miss out on. Click here to visit with Taylor.

Blog Swapping, Contests, and Link Parties

I recently ran across the concept of blog swapping throughout my various surfing around on link parties. Blog swapping is a lot like guest blogging, but it's reciprocal. (Guest blogging is where you have someone come in a do a guest post for you. This is usually done by bloggers who have a large audience and write a few posts a week).

Blog swapping is reciprocal in that you and the person you "swap" with will both write a post for each other's blog. It's a great way of being introduced to new readers since you're posting on another person's blog and they may have an entirely different readership than you. These new (to you) readers may even follow you!

These guest posts can be about whatever you want - highlights of your blog (including links), a little bit about yourself, how you know the owner of the blog, etc. If anyone would like to do some blog swapping with me, please email me.


Firecracker Kid said...

This is helpful info that I didn't know about blog swapping. Thanks!

Joann said...

Interesting...that's a new one for me too.

TeresaM said...

Taylor has some wonderful marketing skills!!!