Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial

We have another great tutorial from Barb at Barb's Heartstrokes!!! Thanks Barb! Please stop by and visit Barb on her Etsy shop to see some of her wonderful handpainted creations. What great gifts for this holiday season!

This cute, fun and easy craft would make great gifts for teachers, co-workers, friends and family. Feel free to click on the "Print Friendly" button at the end of the tutorial to save, print or even email the instructions for future use.

Snowman Pin or Magnet

You will need:

1 ½ x 2 inch rectangle of ¼ inch birch wood
1 inch long wood shaped cutout cone for carrot nose
One piece of 1/8th inch doweling cut at about a 2 ½ inch length
¼ inch square cutout of ¼ inch thick square doweling
2 black buttons for the eyes-different sizes
1 inch pin back or ¾ inch round magnet

Paint by Decoart:

Buttermilk, Charcoal Grey, Country Red, Burnt Orange, Bright Orange, Russet, Snow White, Black, Dazzling Metallic’s Glorious Gold, Glitter paint, and JoSonja’s Burnt Umber paint.

Other supplies:

Pencil, ruler, tack cloth, paint brushes, small circle stencil, fabric paint brush, circular hand sander or sanding block, Matte 1311 finishing spray, Tacky glue

Refer to photos and read all instructions before beginning this project.

On the rectangle piece of wood draw a pencil line from 1 inch from the top left angled on the diagonal to about ¾ inch upwards to the right side dividing the hat from the face.

Paint the top of the rectangle, the doweling and the hat buckle with Charcoal Grey. Paint the bottom portion with Buttermilk.

Dry brush the cheeks in a circular motion with Country Red on the Buttermilk. A circle stencil can be used for the cheeks. This is the snowman’s face.

Sand off as much as you like from the rectangle and the doweling with either a circular sander or sanding block. Wipe clean with a tack cloth. Mix water and a bit of JoSonja’s Burnt Umber paint for the antiquing paint. Now antique the rectangle face and hat area, the cone nose, and the doweling making it as light or dark as you like. At this point I also paint the back of the rectangle with the antiquing paint. Let everything dry.

Glue the doweling on the line that divides the hat from the face using the shorter end at the left side and the longer end to the right. Glue the hat buckle or small ¼ square into place above the hat brim doweling and Glue the eyes into place.

For the nose roughly base coat with Burnt Orange. Once dry roughly highlight the top of the nose with Bright Orange. Shade the bottom of the nose with Russet. Roughly add snow with Snow White on the center of the nose. When the paint is dry add glitter paint to the nose.

Now is the time to paint the hat buckle with Glorious Gold. If you choose not to cut this piece of wood just paint a square where the buckle would go directly onto the hat above the brim. The other option would be to add a snowflake button instead of the hat buckle.

Thin Black paint to ink consistency and line 2-3 times around nose and face with a 10/0 liner brush. Let all of it dry and spray with Matte Krylon finishing spray. Once the finish is dry glue either the pin back or the magnet on the back.


Barb Stock


nancy huggins said...

Very cute..who doesn't like cute snowmen..Thank you for sharing

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Love Barb's pins..I am a proud owner of one, and they are adorable!

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Very cute! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Carmen and the Primcats

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This is so cute!!! Thanks Barb!

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Just too cute....love Barb's work!!