Thursday, February 26, 2009

OFG Spring / Easter Celebration Is Here!

Are you ready for Spring?? I know I sure am , and so are the folks at the Old Farmhouse!
They have been working so hard to get ready for Spring and Easter!
You won't believe all the goodies they have in store. They will be unveiling everything Mar.1 on etsy, so be sure to check in and see what you will find!

They have done some beautiful work!

Take a look below for Two Slideshows of the Newest Creations for the! SPRING CELEBRATION!

Come and Celebrate with us!

The Guys and Girls of The Old Farmhouse Gathering!
OFG on etsy


Alice said...

There are so many wonderful items the girls have lovingly created be sure and check them out.

Tins and Treasures said...

Yes, so much talent and variety in the farmhouse. Like I always say, there is something for everyone there. I enjoy working with all of you. Take care ~Natalie

Dani said...

Wow so many beautiful goodies there!
Would totally be perfect for my daughter's prim shabby room I'm creating for her!

I shall go back and shop LOL


chandeliers said...

Such cute things!

MommaB said...

love all the pretty things