Sunday, May 4, 2008

Tribute to Motherhood

Well, the votes are in! And the winner is------
First Place--Strokes from the Heart
Second Place---Motherlode Toad
Third Place-- Teresa's Prim Treasures

CONGRATULATIONS Ladies! You created some Beautiful work in Honor of Motherhood. You really outdid yourselves!

I'm so Proud of ALL the entries we had in this challenge. I think each and every one of the entries are winners! All were beautiful and creative works based on some very fond memories. Thank You All for entering, and for voting--we were all touched by the creativeness and love shown by your heart and hands.Well done Ladies!


Sandra said...

Congrats to the winners.... And to all of us that submitted an item...Wonderful work...BRAVO !

( PS...Type-O in Tribute to Motherhood ...)

Linda ~~PrairieRose said...

Thanks Sandra--fixed it! LOL