Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Busy week in the Old Farmhouse

We've had a busy week in the Old Farmhouse! We have 17 more new members to Welcome --Wilmas Wimseys, Sissy's Prims, Korny Kreations, TFC Folk , Vermont Harvest, Fine Country Living, Yellow Sweet Potato, Teresas Prim Treasures, Country Route Prims, Country SquirePrims, K ats Country Prims, Willow Creek, Jersey Hill Prims, Cotton Eyed Jo, Prims and Tiques, Prim Outhouse, and Oil Creek Originals.You need to come on ever to Etsy.com >ofg>tags,titles.descriptons, and see what new eye candy they have brought into the store! Oddles 'n oddles of new goodies!

The Old Farmhouse started working on our first OFG Challenge this week. We will be making a "Tribute to Motherhood" in honor of Mothers everywhere. Each artist will be creating their own Unique creation, with a motherhood theme--be it human, animal, or bird. They will all be posted on Etsy on April 25th.Mark your calendar, you don't want to miss this one! There will be lots of OOAK works offered in this challenge. I will set up a place to vote for your favorites here on this Blog starting April 25th! This will be the place to find that very Special ,Handcrafted gift for your Mother, that she will Treasure!


Alice said...

I'm still working on my challenge, it keeps taking me on a winding path LOL. Cant wait to see everybody's creation. Alice

Doris said...

Just wanted to let you know, how much I appreciate everything you and the other moderators do for OFG. Y'all are just the greatest! I'm so proud to be a member there.